Meet us at Dmexco 2019 in Cologne


Will you be attending Dmexco in Cologne on 11-12 September 2019? If yes, we would love to meet you there to discuss your current challenges in mobile and explain how 42matters' products can help grow your business. To setup a meeting, just fill the form here [] :)... Read more

12 Ways Ad Networks Use 42matters App Data to Improve App Publisher Onboarding

Use Cases Ad Tech

When online advertising networks onboard an app publisher’s mobile application, they need the app’s most recent metadata – such as the title, creatives, description, icon, etc. – to ensure that the process is straightforward and frictionless for the publisher. In this article we will go over 12 ways ad networks can leverage the rich data and functionalities provided by 42matters to support and simplify the app publisher onboarding process. 1. Find Apps The first step in any onboarding proces... Read more

How to Find Your Mobile Advertising ID

Mobile Advertising

What is a mobile advertising ID? In this article we'll explain what what they are, the different kinds that exist, why they are used, and how you can reset them. What is an advertising ID? Advertising IDs are user-resettable identifiers provided by a device’s operating system that allow developers and marketers to track user activity for advertising purposes. Since mobile apps do not collect cookies, advertising IDs such as Android’s AdID [ Read more

Daily App Downloads Statistics - for All Countries and All Android & iOS Apps


High-precision Estimates of Daily App Downloads At 42matters we continuously analyze millions of mobile apps available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and infer valuable actionable insights. Our Data Science Team has developed unique Machine Learning algorithms that precisely estimate the number of downloads each published app receives per day. This data allows to easilytrack the app downloads statistics both per country and globally. Millions of data points are updated on a daily bas... Read more

App-Ads.txt Aggregated CSV Files with 42matters

File Dumps

The IAB app-ads.txt standard is a critical step for combating mobile, in-app advertising fraud and building trust in the advertising industry more broadly. 42matters is now offering a way to efficiently implement the standard at scale. How to Scale the app-ads.txtStandard with 42matters This year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau [] (IAB) released specifications for the app-ads.txt standard, an extension of the ads.txt specific for the mobile ecosystem. The IAB’s goa... Read more

Introducing API support for the Amazon Appstore


Exciting news - we have added support to the Amazon Appstore [] with the release of the new "Lookup API []" for all Android apps listed on the marketplace operated by []. With the Lookup API for Amazon Android Apps you can find an app that matches the specified ASIN on the Amazon Appstore and return full app details [] like title, price, developer name, rating, description, icon, screenshots, and... Read more

Meet us at MWC 2019 in Barcelona


Will you be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 25-28 of February 2019? If yes, we would love to meet you there to discuss your current challenges in mobile marketing and advertising and explain how 42matters' products can help reaching better results. To setup a meeting, justfill the form here []:)... Read more

Versions History API for iOS and Android Apps


In this article we discuss the 42matters Versions History API, which enables users to track the version histories for all iOS and Android apps. Let's get started! What are App Versions and why should you care? Every time you download and install an app, it comes with a "version." Versioning is a critical component of a mobile app's upgrade and maintenance strategy: your mobile OS, Android or iOS, uses an app's version information to prevent downgrades. Usually, the version is represented by a... Read more

App-ads.txt release from IAB Tech Lab: what's in for you?


The Interactive Advertising Bureau Technology Laboratory (IAB Tech Lab) has released the app-ads.txt standard. We break down what this means for you. What is the IAB Technology Laboratory? TheInteractive Advertising Bureau [](IAB) is an advertising organization that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. Its tech branch, theIAB Technology Laboratory [], helps companies implementin... Read more

How to find Apps Popular in a Country with the App Intelligence Explorer?


There are many apps on the Google Play and Apple App Store that are released specifically for a country, city, or even community. Those apps range from public services such as metro or train schedules, local banks, services for websites that are only active in a certain country, even games that are particular for the region. Discovering those apps can be hard, but sometimes they are the ones that are valuable for establishing local business relationships. Today we will show you how you can use d... Read more

Ad Networks - Improve your Targeting with 42matters data

API Ad Tech

42matters offers data and insights that fit perfectly with the needs of Ad Networks for offering precise targeting to their advertisers. Ad Networks often lack additional information about apps registered in their system and waste valuable impressions on unsuitable audiences. Here is a short and non-exhaustive list of data points per app that can be useful in the field of ad-tech: * Officially declared app category - this is the category that app publishers choose when releasing apps on the... Read more

SDK Intelligence and Lead Generation with 42matters App Intelligence Explorer

Explorer SDK Explorer

TheApp Intelligence Explorer []from 42matters is a versatile tool for market research and lead generation on Google Play and Apple App Store. One of the most used feature combinations is the SDK insights filter + CSV Exports and this is what we will showcase today. One piece of invaluable information in regards to mobile apps is the SDKs they've integrated. Those can reveal insights about how apps monetize, what kind of data they might be collecting, wha... Read more

Analysis of App Reviews Can Reveal Useful Business Insights

App reviews are one of the best ways to find out what users really think about apps. The only problem is that they are unstructured and it's hard to get an overview about particular topics without scrolling through thousands of reviews. That is why 42matters has analyzed hundreds of millions of reviews, both on Google Play and iTunes and has extracted clear and actionable results such as "positive UX sentiment", "negative Advertising sentiment", etc. Combining those filters together is a powerf... Read more

How to discover new games getting traction on Google Play

Explorer API

The ability to discover new apps that are getting traction on Google Play or Apple App Store can be extremely valuable for business. However, the sheer number of available apps makes this task impossible without having precise data about apps' release dates, app ranks in each country and store, ratings, etc. Even if this data is available it still requires a lot of internal resources such as data scientists working together with product managers to get the solution right. Luckily 42matters offer... Read more

How to open the 42matters sample file dumps with Excel

File Dumps

42matters provides app information and insights via an up-to-date, complete and consistent file feed, optimized for large-data ingestion. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to get started with thesample android app metadata enterprise dumps []. The structure and format is the same as the official file dumps and can be easily reused. The only tool that we will need is calledJQ []. It ... Read more

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