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NEW: App Export History via the 42matters Explorer3 min read

We’ve added a new feature to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you’ll be able to view your app export history for all iOS and Android queries conducted on the Explorer platform. A few weeks ago, we launched a spate of new features on the 42matters Explorer platform. One such feature was Precision App Exports [], which gave you more control over the number of iOS and Android apps you export from our database. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken this feature one

How GameStop Impacted Robinhood, Reddit, WeBull, and Others9 min read

How Wall Street Bets and GameStop Impacted the financial app market, including: Robinhood, Reddit, Coinbase, WeBull, Fidelity Investments, and Cash App. It’s hard to imagine anything topping the peculiarities of 2020, but 2021 is off to a hot start. The latest head-scratcher comes courtesy of GameStop, whose stock soared 400% [] during an extremely volatile week of trading. In a stunning turn of events, the American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming me

X-Mode Controversy: Find Apps that Track Location Data9 min read

X-Mode Social Inc., an American company specialized in location data, has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for selling user-generated location data collected by their software development kit (SDK) to defense contractors that work with the US military. According to Vice’s tech blog Motherboard, the US military has been buying granular movement data [] harvested from seemingly innocuous apps that integrate X-Mode’s SDK. While the most popular app among those re

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Download the The State of Connected TV App Stores 2021!1 min read

We’ve released a new report, titled The State of Connected TV App Stores 2021! The report, which addresses the continued flourishing of the Connected TV (CTV) landscape, focuses on each of the big three CTV app stores —  the Roku Channel Store, Apple TV tvOS App Store, and Amazon Fire TV.! We discuss the following topics and trends: * CTV App Growth Rate Trends * Top CTV App Categories * Top 10 CTV Apps * Top 5 CTV Publishers To download the report, fill out the form below:

NEW: Required Capabilities for iOS Apps19 min read

We’ve added a new filter to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you’ll be able to sort all iOS apps available on the Apple App Store based on their required capabilities. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve announced the arrival of six new features to the 42matters Explorer platform. These include: iOS Content Advisories [], Google Play Content Descriptors [], Age Approved by Teachers [], iOS In-App Purchases [


NEW: In-app Purchases, Interactive Elements, and App Exports21 min read

We’ve added three new features to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you can see which iOS apps have in-app purchases, determine which Android apps include interactive elements, and export more refined mobile app data. If you haven’t noticed, our development team is on a roll. Over the past few days, we’ve added three(!) new filters to the 42matters Explorer. You should check them out: iOS Content Advisories [], Google Pl


NEW: Age Approved By Teachers Filter for Android Apps15 min read

We’ve added a new filter to the 42matters Explorer! Now, you’ll be able to see which Android apps have been age approved by teachers. Over the past few days, we’ve announced the addition of two new filters to the 42matters Explorer — iOS Content Advisories [] and Google Play Content Descriptors [] . Today, we’re pleased to announce

NEW: iOS Content Advisories — Sort Apps by Content15 min read

We’ve added iOS content advisories to the 42matters Explorer! Now you’ll be able to sort all iOS apps available on the Apple App Store by the content they contain. Last week, we announced that the 42matters Explorer platform now enables users to filter Android apps by content descriptors [] , which provide consumers, app developers, ad networks, and advertisers with information on the sort of content contain

NEW: Google Play Content Descriptors — Sort Apps by Content15 min read

We’ve added Google Play content descriptors to the 42matters Explorer! Now you’ll be able to sort all Android apps available on Google play by the content they contain. Happy New Year, everyone. Welcome to 2021! The year is young and while we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season, we at 42matters have wasted no time getting back into the swing of things. Indeed, we’re already hard at work refining our products and offerings. This week, for instance, our development team has added Google Pl

iOS 14, IDFA: How Apple Changed Mobile Advertising Overnight18 min read

This past June, at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple made a startling revelation. The iOS 14 mobile operating system would kill the Apple IDFA… sort of. According to Apple, the iOS 14 will come with new privacy features, requiring consumers to opt-in for permission to be tracked via their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Those who do not opt-in will no longer receive targeted advertisements that leverage IDFA data. This move is of great consequence to the world of mobil

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The State of Connected TV (CTV) App Stores 2020-202118 min read

Over the last 10-15 years, the rise of digital streaming and connected TV has caused a seismic realignment in the entertainment industry. Services like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Roku, and others, have dramatically changed the way consumers interact with television. Indeed, people are abandoning traditional cable providers in ever-growing numbers. According to the market research firm eMarketer, the US satellite and telecom TV industry is on track to lose over 6 million subscribers [htt

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?27 min read

Last week, we published an article discussing the value that Mobile Application Management [] (MAM) brings to modern organizations. This week, we switch our attention to Mobile Device Management (MDM), focusing on the following questions: * What is Mobile Device Management? * What’s the difference between Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management? * Why do organizations need Mobile Device Management? * How h

What is Mobile Application Management (MAM)?24 min read

Mobile Application Management (MAM) Key Takeaways: * MAM refers to the management of the security, governance, and distribution of mobile apps, typically within an enterprise. * MAM differs from mobile device management (MDM), which focuses on establishing enterprise security policies at the device level. * MAM enables businesses to secure against a wide range of potential attack vectors and risks, without inhibiting employee productivity or satisfaction. * 42matters can help impro


NEW: Monthly Downloads Filter, Similar Apps Feature, & More!12 min read

Key Takeaways: We’ve added a monthly downloads filter to the 42matters Explorer! But that's not all. We’ve also added... * A “similar apps” feature for iOS apps * 72 new Android permissions and 7 new iOS permissions * Lebanon Top Charts Well, we’ve officially turned onto the home stretch of 2020. And while it’s been a rocky year, to say the very least, we at 42matters have nevertheless put it to good use, taking quarantines, lockdowns, and travel restrictions as opportunities to refine our


The Nine Best Mobile Security Apps in 202026 min read

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash. Key Takeaways for “The Nine Best Mobile Security Apps in 2020”: * AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault by AVG Mobile is the best mobile security app by total downloads on Google Play, having been downloaded over 100 million times, including 13.8 million times in the last year. * Of the top nine, One Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner by One Dot Mobile Limited has performed best over the last year, surpassing 78.6 million

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